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Automation Machinery Builders

& Precision Machining

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Have you ever restored an old car? we became   the problem solvers

Have you ever restored a turn of the century automobile? It requires the ability to visualize the missing parts and then make them function, from scratch. Our ability to think in details and make anything were the two perfect traits needed to tackle the challenges of creating automated machinery equipment. We study your process and your goals, then we design and produce the right equipment to help you be more efficient.


We have build high speed assembly machines for consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, food service and textile companies just to name a few. 


We are experienced in custom automation, packaging, part feeding, electrical design and build, mechanical design, conventional machining, CNC machining, welding & fabrication & automatic testing all under one roof.


Custom Packaging Machines

At Packard we not only offer single machine solutions, but also offer complete, turnkey assembly and packaging lines. Packard has been supplying such diverse industries as food service, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, sporting goods, and the garment industries with quality intermittent and continuous motion cartoners. 


Automated Machinery

Packard applies industry leading technical knowledge and resources to deliver a total  automation solution, whether you require single or multi-station lean automation, or a turnkey manufacturing system integrating third-party equipment, production-ready. We are capable of  building any type of machinery for your manufacturing needs. Whether you need a  machine to test product durability, print your logo, buff, grind or assemble, Packard has the ingenuity to get the job done.

Assembly Machines
Packard applies industry-leading technical knowledge and resources to deliver a total  automation solution. Whether you require single- or multi-station lean automation, or a turnkey  Assembly Machinery Systems and Packaging Machinery. We have experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Please don’t hesitate to submit your Medical Device Automation  inquiry today.


Take advantage of the experience and capabilities available to you, we are certain that you will be pleased with the prompt and complete reply, as well as the support that our Engineering and Sales Team can lend to your project. From concept to full production on your floor, our highly trained, innovative, creative and energetic engineers, technicians and manufacturing personnel, with their vast amount and breadth of experience, have proven through countless successful projects that they are among the most talented groups anywhere!



CNC Machining to Panel Building &

Everything in between

Packard can produce anything from a simple machined part to cams and multi-part fixtures on our state of the art 4 Axis vertical milling machines. We can just machine the parts or do complete assemblies. Whether your parts call for a simple drilling or pocketing operation, or a complex 20 tool program, we have the technology and experience to get your parts for you fast.

We know what it takes to get the job done, and get it done right. Our Certified Class A toolmakers help to assure that the quality and craftsmanship of all their work is top notch. Our state of the art CAD/CAM computer system enables us to keep our down time to a minimum, enabling us to have a very fast turnaround time.

We have a full vertical CNC milling machine center equipped with CAD/CAM computers operated by certified CAD technicians. There is also a full time engineering department on the premises to help with any questions.



Single-source capability ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost. The result is automation systems that deliver the world's leading performance and reliability, with exceptionally fast payback.

Packard Automation has been designing and building high quality custom automation equipment since 1978!  We know what we are doing and now you can take advantage of our experience.

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