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Automation Machinery Builders

& Precision Machining

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Custom Built MACHINE solutions &

Industrial Automation

When you need a custom built machine, assembly line, or simply an automated solution for a costly, nagging problem

...we are your problem solvers

We assess the problem, design the machine, build the machine and show you how to service it.

We are experts at Industrial Automation

A Total Automation Solution

Packard Automation applies industry-leading technical knowledge and resources to deliver a total  automation solution. Whether you require single or multi-station lean automation, or a  turnkey manufacturing system integrating third-party equipment, we can give you what you need.


Packard Automation can build any type of machinery for your manufacturing needs. Whether you need a  machine to test product durability, print your logo, buff, grind or assemble, Packard Automation has the ingenuity to get the job done.


ALL in-house custom machine builders

We offer single-source capability that ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost. Industrial automation success needs this approach to exceed expectations and deliver the most efficient and reliable machines, with exceptionally fast payback.


Breaking through the limitations of conventional thinking, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added engineering services to achieve innovative manufacturing solutions that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest cost per part. We do not pre-manufacture any of our automation systems or assembly machinery. They are all custom made to your specifications. We make our machines to fit into your current assembly line and interface with your existing equipment. Our customers never need to buy a machine with unnecessary options like other mass produced machines.


You get so much more than a machine, you get the thinking that will change your process to help you be more profitable.

Packard makes automation equipment for various industries. We use high tech robotics and linear motion and automation components... or we can utilize low tech cost effective and robust technology.

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