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Automation Machinery Builders

& Precision Machining

203 -758 - 6219



... but we can serve you anywhere in the world!

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Prospect? But that might not be near you....and that does not matter.


Our machines have full documentation and are built so well that they ship around the globe and we usually never hear from the client again... except to make another machine.


Why? because we know how to build the machines with very few user serviced parts and if there needs to be... basic maintenance is all it takes.


If you need a quote or help determining what you need, or you just want to see one of the cars....Please fill out the form below or call 203-758-6219

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Single-source capability ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost. The result is automation systems that deliver the world's leading performance and reliability, with exceptionally fast payback.

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